Who are you partnering with?

Because we firmly believe that Training is more than compliance, we specifically created this business so that we can ensure that the people we train are trained for their workplace.

Growth Training Group philosophy is that training is simply more than a piece of paper; it’s about ensuring participants receive the course outputs, and where possible apply this to the workplace. In many industries having a current First Aid certificate is mandatory, in our research we found that many organisations offering these courses simply calculated the volume of students not the quality. I am all sure we have all attended First Aid Classes with over 30 students from different backgrounds and where it was simply a process to get you processed, even down to giving you the answers on screen. Well that is NOT Growth Training Group methodology – Because we partner with Allens Training each student is provided with a unique log in and they must complete the pre learning before they get to the practical session. This ensures that all participants have the pre learning so when conducting the practical they have the theory to support their learning.

From a employers/agency perspective, if you have a current First Aid Certificate then there is an expectation that you will know how to handle an emergency or care for a vulnerable member of the community. An employer/agency has a duty of care that the people in their care are managed by individuals with adequate care.

I implore employers and agencies simply not to allow their contractors or staff to obtain their First Aid training from various sources – your First Aid Training Group should be an extension of their compliance team. At the Growth Training Group we work with our clients to ensure we understand their needs and understand their promise to their clients.