How well do you know how to deal with emergencies?
Could you give life saving first aid to those who need it? Let’s put your knowledge to the test

No cheating – think about your answers before you read on !!

Q) You have arrived at a car accident, what’s the first thing you should do?

A) The first thing you should do is identify and manage any hazards to yourself or bystanders. Your safety is the most important priority!

Q) You’re having lunch with a girlfriend and she begins to choke on some food she was eating. She can’t speak, breathe or cough it up. How can you help?

A) If she cannot clear the object herself, support her with one hand while leaning her forwards. Give up to five back thrusts between the shoulder blades.

Learn more by watching: GTG Choking

Q) Your colleague is complaining of breathlessness and a tight pain in the chest. You suspect a heart attack. What should you do?

A) You need to ease the strain on his heart, so make him as comfortable as possible. A half-sitting position, with his head and shoulders supported and his knees bent is best. Call 000

Learn more by watching: GTG Heart Attack

Q) What does DRSABCD stand for ?

A) DRABCD stands for Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Defibrillation

Q) One of your friends has cut his arm and is bleeding severely. How do you treat his injury?

A) Apply direct pressure over the wound with your hand using a clean dressing. If you don’t have a dressing, ask him to apply pressure himself. Maintain direct pressure on the wound to control bleeding.

Q) You’re walking home and you see a man lying on the ground. You ask him if he’s all right but he doesn’t respond. What should you do next?

A) Call for help, check his airway is open and clear by tilting the head and lifting the chin to open the airway. Call 000

Learn more by watching: GTG CPR Hyperlink

Always keep a Stocked First Aid kit at home, at work and even in the car !

While First Aid knowledge is great for treating small injuries and incidents, don’t ever hesitate to seek additional help if the situation is bad or worsens.

Call your doctor, head to a hospital, or call 000.

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