Workplace Programs

Workplace Programs

First Aid in the workplace
Our services include
Workplace workshops
Onsite Accredited Training and annual refreshers

Laws Surrounding First Aid

The model WHS laws impose health and safety duties in relation to first aid. You can find details of those duties in the model Code of Practice: First Aid in the Workplace.
The Code also has practical information about working out your first aid requirements, equipment, facilities and training needs.

First Aid Risk Assessment

First aid requirements vary from one workplace to another, so you must consider all relevant factors at your workplace when deciding what first aid arrangements you need to have in place, including:

The type of work being carried out
The hazards at the workplace
the size and location ofThe workplace (for example, the distance between work areas and response times for emergency services) and
The number and composition of people at the workplace (for example, workers, contractors, subcontractors, volunteers and visitors)

A thorough first aid risk assessment that considers all of these factors will help you to decide what first aid arrangements to provide. Through this process it should become clear what first aid facilities, equipment and training are needed. Review your first aid risk assessment regularly in consultation with your workers to ensure your arrangements stay adequate and effective.

Equipment & Personnel

You must give your workers access to:

First Aid Equipment and Facilities
Trained first aiders.

Do You Have The Right Ratios

As a rule of thumb there should be one first aider for every:
50 workers in low-risk workplaces (for example, an office)
25 workers in high-risk workplaces (for example, a construction site)
10 workers in remote high-risk workplaces (for example, a mine).

Enquiry About How We Can Help You Be First Aid Ready

We provide workshops and advice and can conduct a workplace audit to understand your needs