New Online Digital First Aid CPR Courses

  • – Material is all online for learners to self paced learning.
  • – Learners can nominate preferred assessment mode Face to Face or Digital via Zoom.
  • – Use your lockdown time to train your staff or members.
  • – For Digital Assessments, learners will be provided with Assessment Kits – delivered to them directly with the opportunity to practice before assessment
Courses Available

$95 per person
Plus assessment costs

$55 per person
Plus assessment costs

Assessment Costs – access to kits required for assessment and COVID-19 requirements.
Find out more about: First Aid and CPR.

Delivery Options

Online Delivery ($25)
– For the kits to be sent to the individuals – 2 days before assessment.
– This price includes delivery and pick up of kits.

Assessment Centre in Niddrie (zero cost)
– 2 people can be assessed using the 2 sqm social distancing rule.
– Individual testing kits provided.

Group nominated location (zero cost for multiple people)
– Set up costs of $100 need to be set up in an area of at least 5 sqm area.
– 2 people per 30 minutes.
– Individual testing kits provided.

Individual assessment on site at workplace ($30)
– Require a 2 sqm area for assessment.
– Individual testing kits provided.


Complete Registration Form
Register your group to access online learning.

Complimentary Service
Group owners can nominate top specialised areas of concern.
Trainers will provide a Zoom session for those covering any specialised areas related to industry.

Additional Services Available
Industry compliance requirements:
– Audit of First Aid Equipment
– Audit of internal processes for managing incidents
– Online staff induction program – Non accredited induction program