First aid in the workplace – Key changes

A guide to explain recent updates to the first aid in the workplace compliance code.

Employers need to be aware of the following

  1. The ’employee awareness’ section has been updated to ‘Information about information, instruction, training and supervision for all employees’ and now includes some general information consistent with other codes and additional information about the importance of employees being able to recognise their first aid officers.
    1. Do all your staff know who is the First Aid Officers in the workplace
    2. Do you have multiple First Aid Trained staff – Why not train everyone – First Aid is cost effective and saves lifes
  2. New recommendations about considering inclusion of:
    1. asthma-relieving inhalers and spacers and epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPens)
    2. dissolvable aspirin for the treatment of chest pain when advised
    3. over the counter analgesics if considered necessary (with appropriate controls)
  3. First aid officers Where possible, employers need to
    ensure that there is at least one first aid officer available at the workplace at any one time during operating times. When planning the numbers of first aid officers at the workplace, employers need to take into account coverage for situations such as shift rostering, leave and flexible work arrangements.
  4. As a minimum, employers need to ensure that first aid officers hold a nationally recognised statement of attainment issued by a registered training organisation (RTO) for the nationally endorsed first aid unit of competency Provide First Aid, or a course providing equivalent skills