Checklist for applying first aid arrangements

Checklist for applying first aid arrangements (prescribed approach)
Question Notes Risk level in the workplace
1. Have you determined the types of injuries or illnesses that could occur and whether your workplace is low risk or higher risk?
2. Have you consulted with employees and HSRs (if any) on the risk level in the workplace? First aid officers
3. Have you considered your workplace’s operating times, distribution of staff across shifts, and needs for first officers to cover leave and staff turnover?
4. How many first aid officers do you need?
5. In addition to the minimum training level, do first aid officers need advanced training, or additional training to meet specific workplace hazards or needs?
6. Do the first aid officers need immunisations? First aid kits
7. How many basic first aid kits do you need?
8. Do you need additional first aid kit modules for specific needs or hazards in your workplace?
9. Do you have a system for checking and restocking your first aid kits? First aid rooms
10. Do you need a first aid room? First aid equipment
11. Do you consider it to be reasonably practicable to provide an AED?
12. Do you require a shower or eye wash station? First aid procedures
13. Have you drafted and implemented first aid procedures? Signage
14. Have you put up first aid signage? Reviewing arrangements
15. Have you made a plan for when and how you will review your arrangements?

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Compliance code: First aid in the workplace